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Z21 - Zeus Appollo 4.6kW Dual Tracker Hybrid Inverter
code: Z21I4K6D48

ZA 4.6kW Dual Tracker Hybrid Inverter

The Zeus Appollo Z21I4K6D48 4.6kW Dual Tracker Hybrid Inverter


Dual MPPT trackers suitable for both small and large dual orientation installations

Adjustable reactive power control (Default 0.9)

Up to 4.6kW of Nominal battery discharge power so you can supply more from your battery and less from the Power Grid

Remote load and system monitoring via Z21 Manager and/or the Zeus Appollo Web portal so you can see how your energy system is performing

Emergency UPS backup output feature provides up to 4.6kW (Peak 6.9kW 10s) of power via PV or batteries when no grid is available (Blackout) for seamless energy supply in emergency situations

Programmable charge times and load prioritisation to give you control of your energy management

Adjustable zero export and export limiting function inbuilt to meet any export restrictions at your location

IP65 protection allows for installation indoors or outdoors

Integrated battery temperature compensation and current shunt

Standard 5 year warranty (10 year optional)

For optimum performance, Zeus Appollo recommends pairing with the Solarbatt Kratos Energy Storage System . This 10kWh compact Lithium-ion Battery has been designed specifically to use with the Z21 Hybrid inverter and has Active Cell Balancing and direct RS485 Communication to ensure maximum protection and performance from the battery. Other compatible brands of Lithium batteries include BYD.

In depth product training is also available upon request. Contact your local Zeus Appollo office to organise a session. Training covers product capabilities, installation, battery connection, commissioning and after sales service and monitoring.

Colours:Yellow,Metal Grey

Download: Z21I4K6D48 Specification Sheet     Z21I4K6D48 Specification Sheet

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