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Zeus Appollo has extensive experience in the design, development and manufacturing of Solar and LED products. The production plant headquarters along with the research and development team is located in Zhejiang University National Technology Park, our energy solutions are backed by the University’s enormous technical resources. Zhejiang University Solar Energy Division is recognized as the "National High and New Tech Enterprise" in China.

The products and associated expertise have been incorporated into highly successful energy projects in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and Africa. We have a considerable experience in all types of installation; Solar PV and energy efficient LED lighting systems from the straight forward to the complex.

We consider technological innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprise development and gain a powerful strength in research and development through our industry heads and professors. A dedicated technical team is available to provide a comprehensive solution for clean energy and energy efficiency on a national scale.
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About Us

Zeus Appollo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Hua Xin Liu He Investment Co. Ltd, founded in 2001.

Beijing Hua Xin Liu He Investment (Australia) Pty Ltd., trading as Zeus Appollo is one of the leading enterprises in the Renewable Energy Sector, specifically in the photovoltaic (PV) industry.

Zeus Appollo’s main focus is to provide the Australian Market with cost effective, high performance PV equipment. We have an extensive product range, extending from PV modules, Inverters, PV mounting systems, LED products and more. Zeus Appollo modules and inverters are developed and designed specifically for the harsh Australian environment.

Investment in Research and Development ensures that we continue to provide the best cutting edge PV technology to our clients. Our commitment to pursue innovative PV technology ensures we will be at the forefront of the PV industry. Zeus Appollo will continue to strive to be market leaders in the Renewable Energy Sector making significant contributions to provide economical PV equipment and raising awareness concerning the impact we have on our environment.

Our main office is based in Western Australia and we have an extensive distribution network throughout Australia. As we are an Australian company, we hold stock locally. This means minimal downtime with a ‘no fuss’ replacement warranty on our products. Being an Australian company, we pride ourselves on delivering cost effective solutions and high standards of customer service, striving for excellence.

All our products abide by strict quality control and comply with Australian Standards prior to entering the Australian market. Our PV modules are certified by TÜV and are also approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). Our inverters are also approved by SAA and the Clean Energy Council.

With a strong financial capacity and global business structure incorporating offices worldwide, ongoing research and product development, investments in commercial solar projects and much more, Zeus Appollo Solar has more than just products to offer its business partners. 

Zeus Appollo™ is committed to providing the best before and after sales support to ensure our customers can achieve the most out of their long-term investment. We have inhouse technical specialists available right here in Australia, who can help answer any technical questions and offer advice when required.

Zeus Appollo has a diverse range of inverter types, on-grid inverters, hybrid inverters and off-grid inverters.  We also supply premium lithium LiFePO4 battery storage systems and All-in-One modular Off-grid and Hybrid solar power solutions.  Pre-wired and all housed in a modular enclosure for efficient and cost effective Plug&Play installation, all include premium Lithium LiFePO4 battery storage combined into each system. We have in stock a great range of solar arrays and alloy pv mounting systems.  Additionally we supply customised commercial solar powered systems, tailored to customers project requirements.  See our product page for detailed specification sheets. Please contact us anytime to discuss your project requirements. 

All of our products are high quality and certified, strictly adhering to Australian Standards.

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Our Mission
Zeus Appollo is aware of the need for sustainable development. Environmental protection and rising energy costs have become major issues attracting attention in today’s society. Zeus Appollo’s mission is to assist organizations in reducing their carbon footprint. This will be achieved by converting energy consumption to renewable sources as well as reducing overall consumption with energy efficiency solutions.

  1. Instantly reduces your electricity cost.
  2. Future-Proof – Financial stability through power cost control.
  3. Power stability for your business.
  4. Low maintenance and high reliability.
  5. Lowers operational costs, freeing up cash flow.
  6. Government STC rebates and TAX incentives = Fast returns on investment.
  7. Feed-in tariffs to sell excess energy.
  8. Increases property value.
  9. Helps the environment by reducing green house gas emissions, and stablising the power grid.
  10. Insulates summer radiant heat from the sun, reducing ambient temperature, and saving air-conditioning power costs.


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