Zeus Appollo™ is dedicated to providing the best, most sophisticated and cost effective PV monitoring software and hardware products available in the PV industry.
Users are able to monitor their PV stations effectively via multiple monitoring platforms including web based and app based. Featured with a powerful,
comprehensive and easy to operate service platform, Zeus Appollo™ enable users to monitor their PV stations anytime, anywhere. Zeus Appollo™ can help to ensure
the effective uptime of PV stations, reducing operational and maintenance costs therefore maximizing yield and return of investment.

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Z10 Series Inverter Range:
 Android App, Apple iOS App

Z20 Series Inverter Range:
Portal, Android App, Apple iOS App

Z21 Series Hybrid Inverter Range:
Portal (Grey Inverters), Portal (Yellow Inverters)Android App, Apple iOS App

ZA2 Series Hybrid Inverter Range:
Portal, Android App, Web App

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