How Zeus Appollo Can Cut Your Energy Bills
How Zeus Appollo Can Cut Your Energy Bills

With a growing need to manage operational costs and reduce maintenance costs many organisations are seeing the light – literally.
LED (Light emitting Diodes) are fast gaining popularity due to the many benefits they bring to the Australian workplace:

• Reduced energy costs (reductions of 50-60% are not uncommon)

• Lower maintenance costs (the expected life span of a LED high bay light may vary up to 50,000 hours – 4-5 times longer than old technology).

• Short return on investment (ROI).
Zeus Appollo, a leading supplier of LED industrial lights, offers the following advice when choosing LEDs:

• Quality is key. There are a host of options and varying prices but the “you get what you pay for” philosophy is very true with LED.

• Consider the product that is best suited able for your environment. This may include, heat, dust, lighting levels required for the work conducted.

• Choose a light with correct IP(Ingress Protection) rating and certification standards.

• And very importantly, get your energy system checked. The power quality, consistency and behavior of your energy delivery and plant is potentially lethal to LED lights, so have an assessment conducted by a suitably qualified professional before investing.
With a little thought and planning you can deliver tangible benefits and ongoing savings through LED technology for your warehouse, office and reception areas.

For more information contact your nearest Zeus Appollo office. 

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