Clean Energy Regulator Axing STC’s On Replacement Panels
Clean Energy Regulator Axing STC's On Replacement Panels 

 The REC Registry has advised its members that as of the 31st of January 2018, STC's can no longer be issued for replacement panels. 

The 'loophole' of claiming STC's for replacement panels has been a source of controversy in the solar industry for some time. The rebate offered is based on how much carbon will be offset by the panels over the approved deeming period. Replacing a panel and reclaiming STC's is essentiallly double dipping and they consider this not in the spirit of the program.

How does this affect you and ultimately the end user? 

If a customer has damaged or faulty panels, the cost of replacing them before the deadline will be significantly less due to the offset of STC's available (Assuming the inverter is still CEC approved). The value of STC's in most cases cover the cost of the panels. 

What action should you take?

If you have any outstanding quotes or know of customers who have delayed replacing their panels it is important that you make them aware that this work will become far more costly if they choose to wait until a later date. 

 Damaged Solar Panel

How can Zeus Appollo Solar help? 

Zeus Apollo Solar stocks a wide range of high quality, affordable products including 200W - 310W solar panels, inverters from as little as 1kW grid-connect up to 160kVa off-grid inverters and many more. If a product needs replacing it's very likely we will have a suitable replacement option. Our 200W solar panels are mostly used to replace damaged 190W panels that were very commonly installed in past years. 

Where can I find more information?

For more information about eligibility to participate in the SRES visit the Small-scale systems eligible for certificates page on the Clean Energy Regulator website, or contact the Clean Energy Regulator directly by emailing

For more information about how Zeus Appollo Solar can help you, get in touch via the details on our Contact Us page or via the form below. 
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