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Neovolt G3 Arriving April 2023

Grid Connect 
Off Grid  
Blackout option 
8000 Cycles @95% DOD
Load power detection accuracy of 10W
One click restore factory settings
On site PhoneTech support 
Servicing & any warranties run out of our Brisbane office at Banyo.
A product is only as good as its warranty 10 Year warranty option of 5years.
Countries that Neovolt is in, Germany, Uk, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, south Africa, Brazil America & Canada.
Comes with inverter and 10KW of batteries, expandable. 
We also have a few other battery options becoming available as the year progresses. 
All-Energy Australia Exhibition & Conference
Australia's most anticipated clean energy event

Visit Zeus Appollo Solar at the All-Energy Australia Exhibition & Conference
Stand: HH13026-27 October 2022, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Advancing Australia's Transition to a Clean Energy Future
All-Energy Australia is the country's largest and most anticipated clean energy event in Australia, which opens up a world of opportunities for industry suppliers and experts as well as those involved in renewable energy and energy storage sectors to expand business networks.  Featuring more than 250 suppliers and attracting more than 10,000 industry professionals, All-Energy Australia is a must-attend event in the industry's calendar. Be part of this free-to attend exhibition and conference from 26-27 October 2022 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.
See our NEW and exciting 2023 Solar product range: Click here

Vintage Sailing Regatta 2022, July 15th evening fun, day racing Sat 16th and Sunday 17th.
TEAM SWORDFISH - ZAS racing at the Vintage Sailing Regatta 2022 - Super fun times & Big Love to ZEUS APPOLLO SOLAR, Saintish lithium ion batteries, UK sailmakers, QCYC and all the regatta competitors. 
Round up youtube: https://www.youtube.com/v/ErivLAyZnj4   
History Swordfish youtube: https://www.youtube.com/v/K4eHPFtKId4
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Calling ALL Australian solar installers:  We are here for you & your customers
EOFY Installer Special: Purchase a Solar power system and receive for FREE Ten (10) energy efficient LED lights, further reducing your customers' power consumption.

Zeus Appollo has a diverse range of inverter types, on-grid inverters, hybrid inverters and off-grid inverters.  We also supply premium lithium LiFePO4 battery storage systems and All-in-One modular Off-grid and Hybrid solar power solutions.  Pre-wired and all housed in a modular enclosure for efficient and cost effective Plug&Play installation, all include premium Lithium LiFePO4 battery storage combined into each system. We have in stock a great range of solar arrays and alloy pv mounting systems.  Additionally we supply customised commercial solar powered systems, tailored to customers project requirements.  See our product page for detailed specification sheets. Please contact us anytime to discuss your project requirements.
Zeus Appollo™ is committed to providing the best before and after sales support to ensure our customers can achieve the most out of their long-term investment. We have inhouse technical specialists available right here in Australia, who can help answer any technical questions and offer advice when required.
All of our products are high quality and certified, strictly adhering to Australian Standards.

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The time is now to go Solar, it makes financial sense.  With power prices rising, and federal government rebates finishing in 2030, there is no time waste.  Every year you put solar off, is another year that you are leaking your cash flow spent on mains power costs.  TEN BENEFITS OF SOLAR POWER FOR BUSINESS - OWN YOUR POWER!!
  1. Instantly reduces your electricity cost.
  2. Future-Proof – Financial stability through power cost control.
  3. Power stability for your business.
  4. Low maintenance and high reliability.
  5. Lowers operational costs, freeing up cash flow.
  6. Government STC rebates and TAX incentives = Fast returns on investment.
  7. Feed-in tariffs to sell excess energy.
  8. Increases property value.
  9. Helps the environment by reducing green house gas emissions, and stablising the power grid.
  10. Insulates summer radiant heat from the sun, reducing ambient temperature, and saving air-conditioning power costs.

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Today there is increasing expectation on businesses to play their part in reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Research and practice in this area has shown comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades will substantially reduce emissions from private and Government facilities.

Most major businesses and organizations in Australia recognize this expectation and have set greenhouse gas or energy efficiency targets for their operations.

Zeus Appollo is an Australian Energy Services Company (ESCO) that specializes in renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. We work closely with organizations to help them demonstrate best practice energy use and take ownership of their environment and sustainability.

We import and market certified, quality Solar (PV) and LED lighting products for all energy projects, as well as providing direct supply solutions and support to the wholesale and installer channels.

We provide comprehensive research and product development, product information, technical specifications and compliance to assist project partners, installers and resellers in providing energy consumption and efficiency solutions to their clients in Australia, contributing to the common goal of reducing their carbon footprint and energy costs. Contact us today

Solar Power system types


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