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Are you ready for the next generation of solar battery storage? Welcome to the world of Solarbatt™ brought to you by Zeus Appollo.

Solarbatt™ is an exciting new range of batteries developed to provide consumers with an affordable, high quality solution to combat rising energy costs. 

The Solarbatt™ range has been designed to have a long lifespan, a deep discharge depth, robust characteristics, industrial strength and greater durability than most batteries currently in the Australian market. 

Solarbatt™ truly is the next generation of solar battery storage.

Next Generation Battery Storage Solutions for your home or business! Have you ever thought to yourself "What if I could harness the sun and store the power so that I can use it during the times that I would require it? 

Now you can with the introduction of the Solarbatt™ battery storage range!

Solarbatt™ Residential Range

Battery Off Grid Lithium Storage PV LiFePO4 Alternative To Tesla LG Chem Kratos Redflow ZCell

Reduce your dependence on the utility networks and take back control with Solarbatt™, the smart choice. The Solarbatt™ residential range consists of the plug and play Household Energy Storage System (HESS) and the modular Kratos energy storage system. These products use advanced Lithium battery technology to provide consumers with a solution to offset their power consumption outside of normal solar hours.  

The systems have been purposely built for residential and small-commercial PV storage applications. Featuring storage capacity options from 2.5kWh to 80kWh in addition to 4.6kW of continuous output power, the Solarbatt™ residential range combined with a compatible Hybrid Solar Inverter will significantly maximize your potential savings by using excess Solar generation to offset your peak evening loads. 

Solarbatt™ Commercial Range

What’s so good about the Solarbatt™ Commercial products?
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Solarbatt™ Commercial leads the way offering an incredible number of charging cycles. With an impressive 20,000 charging cycles compared at 50% depth of discharge (DOD), the nearest competitor is Lithium Iron Phosphate with 6,000 charging cycles, Lithium Ion with 3,000 and Lead Acid with 500.
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Solarbatt™ Commercial has a very broad range of permissible temperature from -20º C to 60º in comparison to Lithium Iron Phosphate, Lithium Ion & Lead Acid.
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Solarbatt™ Commercial offers a 80% percentage of depth of discharge, meaning the battery energy is utilized up to 80% as per the recommendation. Lithium Iron Phosphate, Lithium Ion & Lead Acid are considerably lower.
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The life expectancy of batteries is usually between 5 – 8 years as indicated by Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries, however Solarbatt™ Commercial batteries offer a staggering 20 years of battery life. Solarbatt™ truly is the next generation of battery storage.
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