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Australia:  the sunburnt country. One of the most unique countries in the world, rich with resources and some of the highest solar irradiation levels of any developed country.

Coupled with the relatively small population and wide open spaces presents many challenges for the supply of energy to meet the demands of community, agriculture, mining and industrial sectors away from the metropolitan hubs. 

The challenge for all levels of Government is to manage the growing costs of maintaining traditional coal fired energy networks and facilities under their control. The challenges faced by consumers in agricultural, mining and other industries is coping with unreliable energy supply and maintaining competitive energy costs.

Solar is an obvious alternative energy source but has had significant limitations. Solar systems only assisted with offsetting daytime energy use and not capable of meeting larger load requirements. 

Battery storage is touted as the answer to these problems. Although the technology isn’t new, it has been limited by its high upfront cost and short life span.  Battery costing should be calculated as the cost per cycle over the life of the battery, not the initial cost. Solar and energy storage systems (ESS) should be viewed as long term investments across its  useful life. Zeus Appollo’s new scalable ‘Power Station’ range of products solves all of these problems. Capable of managing large loads, the range is suitable for everything from households to utility scale solar farms. Coupled with proven ultra-long life Electrolyte Battery technology that is capable of managing harsh climatic conditions, high depths of discharge (80%) and with a useful life of greater than 20 years; Zeus Appollo provides genuine independent and reliable energy solutions.

 The intelligent off-grid design enables the Zeus Appollo Solar Power Station to function as a “load” to the grid which eliminates the associated grid infrastructure upgrade costs and the lengthy, costly grid connection applications.  The System delivers the additional reliability of the electricity supply to the site.
Recently Zeus Apollo’s Brisbane office installed its National test site and is now operating using the power of the sun. The installation includes a 160kVA inverter with 121kWh of storage capacity. Energy production is via 63kW of Zeus Appollo 300W Mono-crystalline photovoltaic modules.

The system has the ability to have ‘back up’ energy supplied from an external source such as a generator in this case the electricity grid has been used. This backup capability provides energy security while the solar and ESS supplies the loads. Each system is custom designed by in-house engineering to provide a robust energy solution to meet the needs of each individual site. 

Online monitoring is provided for service and support. This provides a wealth of information to assist with energy management.   

Zeus Appollo also has the capability to combat the other great obstacle of affordability with a range of in-house payment options removing the need for 3rd party external finance.

For more information, contact Zeus Appollo directly.

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