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Our Typical EPC Project Includes The Following Stages:

EPC Similar to PPA or Power Purchase Agreement or Leasing Agreement Australia
  Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)
Zeus Appollo Solar can provide for you a financial solution for a range of renewable energy projects.

The initial capital expense and maintenance costs for medium to large renewable energy projects can be a disincentive for many organizations, particularly in the current world economic climate. Zeus Appollo Solar have the solution. We can fully fund the entire project resulting in no capital outlay for your organization. The only financial imposition arising from our unique Zeus Appollo model would be a periodic payment by you of a proportion of your power cost savings over a negotiated period after implementation of the project.

It is really as simple as that! Too good to be true - not so! Call our friendly sales staff and they will explain the Zeus Appollo Solution to you.

Zeus Appollo Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is an alternate way of implementing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in all types of facilities and buildings.
It provides an innovative way to implement these projects, developed to overcome the major barriers and risk involved in delivering cost-effective energy efficiency and energy cost reduction, while at the same time guaranteeing outcomes and results.
Facility owners and operators know that energy costs are significant and that these costs can be reduced by investing in proven and cost effective energy-saving technologies, systems and procedures.

By implementing our energy consumption and efficiency solutions your organization will significantly reduce its energy costs and become more energy efficient. We will provide the services required to design and implement a comprehensive energy efficiency and energy cost saving project for your facility, from an initial energy audit and facility study through to long-term monitoring, verification and maintenance.

Our model is designed so that your organization can achieve the energy efficiency and cost reduction hassle free without a lot of the common impediments. It also allows facility owners and managers to realize a new asset and upgrade ageing and inefficient equipment.
We will tailor a solution to suit the needs of a particular facility. Zeus Appollo will take on a project management role and is responsible for designing, engineering, supplying and installing the systems. Our EPC projects are suitable for multiple buildings or facilities.
We will provide your business with an easy and simple solution to energy saving without the hassles of dealing with several parties. Your organization will deal solely with Zeus Appollo throughout the length of the project and monitoring period.



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