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Today there is increasing expectation on businesses to play their part in reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Research and practice in this area has shown comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades will substantially reduce emissions from private and Government facilities.

Most major businesses and organizations in Australia recognize this expectation and have set greenhouse gas or energy efficiency targets for their operations.

Zeus Appollo is an Australian Energy Services Company (ESCO) that specializes in renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. We work closely with organizations to help them demonstrate best practice energy use and take ownership of their environment and sustainability.

We import and market certified, quality Solar (PV) and LED lighting products for all energy projects, as well as providing direct supply solutions and support to the wholesale and installer channels.

We provide comprehensive research and product development, product information, technical specifications and compliance to assist project partners, installers and resellers in providing energy consumption and efficiency solutions to their clients in Australia, contributing to the common goal of reducing their carbon footprint and energy costs.

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Latest News

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